BCSA Client Portal


My research and analysis goals were to understand:
  • The user types, the tasks they were expected to perform, and the environments of use
  • The capabilities of the back-end systems, APIs and front-end frameworks

Understanding the Users

The focus was on two primary user types:
  • Contractors
  • Asset Owners


  • Interviews with BCSA subject-matter experts
  • Review of client survey results, notes from meetings with major clients
  • Review of record-keeping systems (spreadsheets) from clients
  • Learning about common questions asked of the call centre
  • Task analyses
  • Testing of mockups and prototypes with clients

User Type: Contractor

Contractors are companies licensed by BCSA to perform certain types of work in the province. They include Electrical, Gas, Boiler/Pressure Vessels/Refrigeration, and Elevating Devices contractors.

Among the tasks contractors were expected to perform:
  • Take out installation permits, make a declaration/request an inspection
  • Sort/filter/search lists of sites/permits
  • Renew licences

User Type: Asset Owner

The asset owners targeted were large clients with many units (for example, boilers, elevators) and multiple operating permits for the units.

Among the tasks asset owners were expected to perform:
  • View and pay invoices
  • Sort/filter lists of sites/units/permits/invoices
  • Download operating permits

Understanding the Systems

My research and analysis goals were to understand:

  • Users/tasks supported by the current external system
  • Users/tasks supported by the current and future internal systems


  • Review of early portal iterations (MVPs)
  • Review of ‘MyConnection’ – existing client-facing system
  • Review of ‘STAR’ – internal system
  • Review of APIs
  • Review of capabilities of front-end frameworks in use – Angular/Bootstrap, Kendo Grid

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