Crossroads Dashboard UI

DeliverablesWireframes, mockups, styled desktop UI
ActivitiesInformation design, software development
TechnologiesSencha Touch, jQuery, PHP
Developers Yong Lee (Aegis Mobility)

Aegis Mobility’s Crossroads is an administration and reporting portal for customers who have deployed the distracted-driving combating FleetSafer client to mobile devices in their organizations. Customers use Crossroads for configuring service and getting a read on client activation status and employee driving behavior.

Deployment Monitor (2011–2012)

Deployment Monitor was envisioned as a key module of a Crossroads web dashboard. We knew our customers wanted to verify that the service was in effect and that their employees were driving safely. We also wanted to be demonstrate system functional status in an appealing way.

A dashboard can communicate this status in an appealing way, though our customers had a strong preference for passive notification – “Send me an email, don’t leave it up to me to check your portal.” But since there is still a need for occasional on-demand checking of deployment and activity status, a dashboard was required.

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