SafeDial Mobile UI

DeliverablesWireframes, mockups, styled Android UI, styled iOS UI
ActivitiesInformation design, software development
TechnologiesApple iOS, Android
Developers Peter Featherstone (Aegis Mobility) – Android development
Eva Pradhan (Aegis Mobility) – iOS development
Suryadi Wen (Aegis Mobility) – iOS and Android development

SafeDial is a feature of FleetSafer, Aegis Mobility’s flagship distracted-driving combating mobile client.

While driving motion is detected, FleetSafer displays a persistent curtain screen that blocks access to the mobile device. SafeDial refers to the function of the buttons (tiles) displayed on the curtain screen for dialing approved numbers and launching allowed apps, such as Navigation, while driving.

Design 1 (2011)

The SafeDial feature was implemented in 2014. At that time I reworked this original proposal into Design 2.

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Design 2 (2014)

For Design 2 we needed to support the display of image avatars and app icons, increasing the real estate each tile requires.

In addition, I wanted to reduce the number of options presented on the screen at any one time. In Design 1 there could be as many as 11 buttons on a screen that is intended to reduce interaction with a mobile device.

Swiping Mechanism (2014)

The design goal was to provide for quick dial and app launch via the curtain screen, while minimizing cognitive load on the driver. The design had to support ‘one-touch’ access to 0 to 4 contacts and 0 to 4 apps.