What I do

I’m an information designer with skills in technical communication, visual design, UI/UX design, and front-end development. Clear visual communication is what I am about.

Technical Communication

Technical Documentation (Conceptual, Procedural, Reference) • Help Systems • Content Management • Configuration, Administration, Operations Guides • Illustrated Feature Descriptions

UI/UX Design

User-Centered Design and Specification of User Interfaces • Desktop and Mobile (Android, iOS, BlackBerry) Native and Web Apps • Web-Based and Embedded Configuration and Administration UIs

Visual Design

Websites • Landing Pages • Marketing Collateral • Infographics • Tradeshow Graphics • User Interface Elements • Illustrations • Diagrams • Templates • Icons

UCD process


User‑Centered Design

I apply a user-centered design process, from research to design to evaluation. Designs are iterated and improved based on evaluation results before being implemented.

User Interface Design

BC Safety Authority Client Portal

Angular/Bootstrap front end that enables client business transactions on mobile phones, tablets and desktop

TEXTL8R – a safe driving app

Developed for Iowa teens and parents
iOS • Android • Desktop

Crossroads Dashboard

Monitors deployment of apps on mobile devices

Technical Communication





Population comparison

Canada vs. United States

Country names

In their most commonly used language

Climate comparison

Australia/New Zealand vs. United States/Canada


Reading University Information Design
NCSU Ergonomics
Tulane University Psychology
Aegis Mobility Information Designer
UTStarcom Technical Communicator
Chevron Technical Communicator
3Com Technical Communicator
U.S.Robotics Technical Communicator
IBM Human Factors Engineer