BCSA Client Portal

I was brought in to consult on UX integration with BCSA as their internal software development teams were being reorganized and refocused according to Lean and Agile principles.

I had short, medium and long-term goals:

Short TermBecome part of the client portal development team, demonstrate the benefits of UX involvement quickly.
Medium TermIntegrate UX activities (Sprint 0 design research, task-focused user testing) into BCSA’s development processes.
Long TermVisualize the future client portal to build shared context and secure funding support for ongoing client portal development.

Client Portal Project

The Client Portal project aimed to provide a modern Javascript/HTML5 front-end to a third-party planning, permitting, licensing management system built on Microsoft technologies.

The base system was not designed for public access. A Silverlight-based public front-end had been added, but it had issues:
  • BCSA’s clients found it difficult to use
  • It required a browser plug-in
  • It could not be made responsive for use on mobile devices

The Client Portal project would address these issues using built-in browser functionality instead of relying on a plug-in.

Client Portal Project Details