TeamSafer UI

DeliverablesWireframes, mockups, styled Android UI, styled iOS UI, styled desktop UI
ActivitiesInformation design, software development
TechnologiesApple iOS, Android, Sencha Touch, Twitter Bootstrap
Developers Steve Williams (Aegis) – Architecture
Yong Lee (Aegis) – Back End
Justin Lee (ANTS) – Front End (Mobile)
Ed Guan (ANTS) – Front End (Desktop)
Suryadi Wen (Aegis) – Android and iOS Clients
Peter Featherstone (Aegis) – Android Client
Eva Pradhan (Aegis) – iOS Client

GEICO proposal, TeenSafer, TEXTL8R, and TeenSafer v2

TeamSafer is a distracted-driving combating mobile app for iOS and Android based on Aegis Mobility’s FleetSafer product.

Because FleetSafer is intended to prevent use of a mobile device while driving, its interface is spartan, allowing only for passenger override and emergency dialing. FleetSafer relies on a desktop web portal for configuring the service and viewing reports.

With TeamSafer, we aimed to enable configuring the service and displaying reports on the mobile device itself – while not driving, of course.

I first visualized TeamSafer for a proposal to GEICO, then reworked it for a proposal to the Iowa Department of Transportation. After that I focused on the interaction design for TeenSafer.

Aegis won the Iowa DOT contract, developers were brought on and we worked together to refine the flows and build the product. These efforts culminated in the release of Iowa DOT’s TEXTL8R distracted driving product.

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